Stone Bros.

2009 Runtime:90 mins Genre:Comedy

Eddie is getting jack of city life and decides it’s time to reconnect with his blackfella roots, so he takes off in his beat-up car to find and then return a sacred stone to his hometown, Kalgoorlie. But he hadn’t bargained on his skirt-chasing, hard-living cuz Charlie forcing himself along for the ride. Eddie’s spiritual quest takes a further detour when they encounter an Italian sex-god, a soul-searching cop, a failed drag singer, and a demon dog possessed by Charlie’s jilted girlfriend. Oh, and there’s a deadly spider in the car…but they don’t know that yet.

“…Stone Bros. is a fitfully funny ride through the Outback.”

“…hysterically funny…”
Sydney Morning Herald

“Writer and director Richard Frankland’s wicked sense of humour draws laughs from every scene, taking the road trip delightfully into the absurd.”
Time Off


Director: Richard Frankland
Writer: Richard Frankland
Producers: Ross Hutchens & Colin South
Stars: Luke Carroll, Leon Burchill and Valentino del Toro
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