Zone 39

1996 Runtime:95 mins Genre:Sci-fi

40 years of war between the Federated Republics and the New Territories Union has taken its toll. The cities are overcrowded, farming land is riddled with unexploded mines – and still there is no hope of peace. In this hostile, decaying world of the future one thing remains constant for Lieutenant Leo Megaw; his love for his wife. Her access to classified information makes her an increasing liability for the government. When she’s assassinated, Leo is forced into exile.

As a border patrolman on the isolated outpost of Zone 39, and ordered to kill anyone that tries to cross the border, Megaw comes to understand the ultimate deceit forced upon his world by his government. The real enemy is not looming across the border but standing right behind him. Now he must reach across Zone 39 to save his world.

“An unconventional sci-fi thriller…with its Orwellian depiction of a grim, controlled world of the future.”   Variety

“The production standards are stunning…Peter Zakharov’s photography mark a new high for Australian film-making’s rare flirtations with sci-fi.”   Herald Sun

“An ambitious, intriguing sci-fi film which deals with ideas and emotions…”   The Australian


Director: John Tatoulis
Writer: Deborah Parsons
Producers: Colin South & John Tatoulis
Stars: Peter Phelps, Carolyn Bock and William Zappa
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